Compare the 4 p s marketing strategies of hul and p g

Nestle India is a responsible organization and facilitates initiatives that help to improve the quality of life in the communities where it operates. You currently have 0 posts. A tangible product is one that consumers can actually touch, such as a computer.

By minimizing the differences in your products, you are able to rapidly increase production, streamline distribution, decrease raw material costs and reinforce product branding. Although there are different definitions of Positioning, probably the most common is: This dye spreads evenly through your hair right to its root and leaves your hair soft, young and natural.

We miss India terribly. The steps involved to promote the product in rural areas. You do not have to remove the starter. Such appeals emphasize the characteristics and features of the product and the service and how it would be beneficial to own or use the particular brand.

The two also had a common management pool and a technology base. It is available in 2 convenient sizes- a 3gm sachet for men and 6gm sachet for women which is adequate for long hair.

Renew Highlights is available in 2 vibrant shades — Blonde and Red. Marketing strategies serve as the fundamental underpinning of marketing plans designed to fill market needs and reach marketing objective.

Both Unilever companies have the same directors and effectively operate as a single business. Its attractive price point of Rs. These price differences may be based on variables such as age of the customer, location of sale, organization membership, time of day, or season.

Leadership and personal responsibility: At all stages of the product life cycle we strive to use natural resources efficiently, favor the use of sustainably-managed renewable resources, and target zero waste.

The company has delivered in the past and has the potential to do better in future. The soap lasts longer.

The Executive directors are those members of the Unilever executive UEXincluding the group chief executive, who are also directors of Unilever. Consider the automobile industry.• Research the marketing trends of HUL and P&G and compare them.

• To study the current marketing strategy of both companies. make the most meaningful difference in both environmental and social Sustainability Our commitment begins with P&G’s Purpose. P&G established five strategies for Sustainability and set goals to be achieved by.

Market Segmentation and Targeting for Fast Moving Consumer Goods: A Case Study of HUL and P&G.

Compare the Product Line Strategy of HUL And Market Segmentation and Targeting for Fast Moving Consumer Goods: A Case Study of HUL and P&G (): Mohan Kumar T. P. product line of HUL and P&G 6 HUL & P&G both have very consistence product mix FMCG, means they both use same distribution channel for similar product.

5. HUL has vast number of body care brand like lux, dove, lifebuoy etc but P&G has very limited number of such product. /5(4). Project Report On Head And Shoulders Shampoo Marketing Essay.

Print Reference this. Disclaimer: The entire shampoo market was dominated by HUL with whopping market share of around 46% when the brand was launched in India, the anti-dandruff market was in its nascent stage and dominated by Clinic-All-Clear. H&S being a P&G’s.

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To overcome this threat of reaching a growth ceiling, P&G must look to expand its marketing strategies, to move beyond the marketing concept; to meet the needs and wants of the consumer better than their competitors – P&G must employ a societal marketing concept to deliver value to the consumer and also improve society’s well .

Compare the 4 p s marketing strategies of hul and p g
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