Describe your favorite place to eat out

Your favorite place to ride...please describe.

A local restaurant that prepares baklava that is not opened from a box and put into a microwave to serve always deserves consideration as a great place to eat.

The staffs are well trained and behaved and they welcome the guests with a cordial heart. Occasionally he would sit up, mostly to join in the dinner conversation. This is the only location. The bar is also enriched and offers all types of soft and hard drinks at a reasonable price. I am lucky to have the chances of testing the foods.

What other kinds of restaurants would you like to see opened?

My Favorite Restaurant: Rivenee’s

It is well worth typing the address into your GPS system and giving it a try. Spanish people placed paella at the top of their list. Have you ever worked in a restaurant?

What's your favourite food?

Make sure to wrap up your dinner with a dessert, I tried their chocolate mousse and I keep thinking about it — so delish.

If you would like for me to post some of your favorite restaurants you may e-mail me at: Sure, Paris is large and expensive, and the people can be rude.

The shop is always crowded and you need to stand in a queue or wait for a certain time to be served with foods. Pizzeria If you are craving an authentic Italian cuisine with a wide choice of high-quality pizza, pasta and lasagna head to M.

Why London is my favorite holiday destination?

Years later, in my adolescence and when my lolo had already passed away, my lola continued to make our tummies happy with estofado. They serve warm and fresh cooked foods. If one is familiar with the scent of cinnamon rolls being baked, the smell of estofado is similar, only it is five times more delicious with the oregano, laurel and all the other spices in it.

I asked Chef Pisinos about the tomatoes in the salads including the Greek tomato salad and how he keeps the tomatoes fresh. But it is not only the foods; it is also about the services and other cordial environments that attract the visitors. What types of take out food do you enjoy eating?

Quickly, he lifted the plate to his mouth and scooped all the leftover bits in, lowering the plate as he chomped down on the last bite. I loved my time living there. We had to write between one half and one page. Now, if you ask me i think that this is a very creative way to share your harvest!

The fast-paced life, friendly locals, easy access to the rest of Europe, picturesque canals, and great architecture keep me coming back.

Do senior citizens get a discount? The salads and the beans are dishes we frequently get as a side dish and they have never disappointed us with the freshness of the vegetables and the lettuce. Perhaps food satisfies both the stomach and the heart.

And i must say that they serve some really good Mexican food.If your dorm room would be a perfect place except for the noise in the hallway, try an ambient sound from iSerenity to mask the distractions. Advertising When I’m not working at home, my favorite spot to work is a table on the third floor of my university library.

IELTS Cue Card Sample - Describe your favourite place to eat out Details Last Updated: Saturday, 22 October Written by IELTS Mentor. Oct 17,  · Keep a Food Diary.

To extend the healthy eating lesson, students can keep a food diary, writing down everything they eat for a day or more. It may help to make a simple form with a space for each day, which students can take home and fill out, then bring to class.

My favorite Places to eat: About me. Interesting places to go. My favorite tv shows If you would like for me to post some of your favorite restaurants you may e -mail me at: As a matter of fact I was there for a birthday party and when the waiters came out to sing happy birthday to my friend they brought her the standard scoop of ice.

Describe a restaurant you know. You should say: where this restaurant is Brief introduction. This isn’t an easy topic for me because I don’t tend to eat out that much. But I’ll tell you about one restaurant that I did use to go to quite regularly. I’m not an expert on cooking so I.

Model Answer: The (say a restaurant name) restaurant is my favourite place to eat out. I often go to this restaurant with my friends and family members both for the delicious foods they serve and for the quiet and healthy environment they offer.

Describe your favorite place to eat out
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