Friction experiment design and results

The discussion following their experiments should also have raised questions about the roles of weight and contact area in the amount of friction that occurs between two surfaces.

How to Do a Friction Science Experiment

Friction between solid objects is often referred to as dry friction or sliding friction and between a solid and a gas or liquid as fluid friction.

I had to rely on my reactions as to when the parachute was dropped and when it landed. Show students a copy of the coefficients of friction table included in this section for comparison.

For quality and process improvement professionals, the merits of DOE are old hat, and any discussion about DOE will likely revolve around technical details such as the pros and cons of Taguchi methods or the value of estimating quadratic effects. DOE is a structured approach for conducting experiments.

Note on Verb Tense Introductions often create difficulties for students who struggle with keeping verb tenses straight. Forces Make Things Move — This book illustrates examples of the forces all around students during a normal day.

These two points should help you navigate the introduction: Graphics need to be clear, easily read, and well labeled e. One common but incorrect strategy is simply to choose the single best result from the experiment and use that as the starting point for the next experiment.

Explain your results in terms of theoretical issues.

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On the next two pages is a Bar Chart and scatters graph showing the results of the experiment— draw a bar chart from the results you have obtained. Works beautifully along with the interactive site listed above in number 4.

What does it do? Furthermore, considering the limitations of the Dahl model, a dynamic friction coefficient model is proposed by using dimensional analysis method, which can quantitatively evaluate the friction reduction effect of axial vibration.

You could 'quantify' the error 'uncertainty' is a better word in your experiment as the gap-distance by which your triangle does not close, expressed as a percentage of the sum of the lengths of the 3 sides.

This strategy will let you eliminate insignificant factors and identify unanticipated problems early on. Hints may help to figure this out.

Ideas to Experiment with Force and Motion source: Allow students to experiment and record their findings using simple materials and varying heights using objects like a bookshelf.Use your data from Data Table 2 and graph the Static friction and Sliding friction forces.

Calculate the slope or use Logger Pro. Find the coefficients of static and sliding friction. Friction between the axle and the body of the car. Use straws to simply carry the wheels and attach the straws to the car while leaving the axle to role freely.

How. the Experiment/Setup sensors/LabPro1 menu and choose the port which force Experiment 6 The Coefficient of Friction speed. You should have to tap the block Were your results as expected.

Explain. 3. Why was it necessary to tap the block to get it started in section 11 of the lab? 4. Why can anti-lock brakes stop a car in. Effect of Friction on Objects in Motion.

To do this experiment you will need the following materials and equipment: Which surface combinations produced the least kinetic friction? Can you explain your results in terms of the physical properties of the materials you tested? Pipe Friction Lab Report. Mohammed Atheeq Nasir and the walls of a pipe and the energy loss associated with it has numerous engineering applications in industry The results of this experiment could be used in the oil pipe system design and pump design industries where knowledge of different magnitudes of pressure drop for different types of /5(6).

> The Lab Report.

Slippery Science: Explore Friction by Launching Stuff

The Lab Report. Printable PDF Version; the data from the second repetition”). If you’ve done it right, another researcher should be able to duplicate your experiment.

6. Results are usually dominated by calculations, tables and figures If the flaws result from the experimental design explain how the design might be.

Friction experiment design and results
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