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Sea cucumbers are one of the potential marine animals with high food and medicinal value.

A Discussion of Stichopus Fuscus

Exceptions include some pelagic cucumbers and the species Rynkatorpa pawsoni, which has a commensal relationship with deep-sea anglerfish. The structural features of these compounds are quite comparable to those of the bioactives from ganoderma, ginseng, and other medicinally popular tonic herbs [ 22 ].

Although mature stichopus fuscus can be found through out the year, between December and April is the greatest period of reproductive development.

This fish uses the inside of the sea cucumber as shelter.

Sea cucumber

As such, sea cucumber-derived chondroitin sulfate can be exploited as a nutraceutical to ease joint-pain and arthritis like disorders [ 84 ].

The H2O vascular system consists of a ring canal behind the oral cavity. One of the main problems contributing towards the depletion of sea cucumber resources is overfishing.

For example, because one side of the body is typically pressed against the substratum, and the other is not, there is usually some difference between the two surfaces except for Apodida. The sea Cucumis sativuss H2O vascular system is really different from the remainder of the Echinoderms in that it is more developed, uses bodily unstable alternatively of sea H2O and is built on a pentaradial program.

Sulfated polysaccharides are reported to exhibit antiviral activity and, based on this fact, Japanese scientists have patented their scientific findings regarding the potential use of sea cucumber chondroitin sulfate to inhibit human immunodeficiency virus HIV infection [ 228889 ].

Together with the intestine, the respiratory trees also act as excretory organs, with nitrogenous waste diffusing across the tubule walls in the form of ammonia and phagocytic coelomocytes depositing particulate waste.

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The ampullae control motions of the tentacles. Interestingly, in contrast to vegetable oils which mostly have fatty acids with even carbon numbers, a considerable amount of fatty acids with odd carbon numbers such as C Considerable amounts of phenolics and free radical scavengers have also been determined in sea cucumbers [ 3446 ].

Sea cucumber as food

They are distinguished from the other Echinoderms by the deficiency of a skeleton that is made up of calcerous home bases fixed together. Sea cucumbers have few predators.

In the larger species, additional vessels run above and below the intestine and are connected by over a hundred small muscular ampullae, acting as miniature hearts to pump blood around the haemal system. Therefore, sea cucumbers play a major role in the biological processing of the sea bed bioturbation, purge, homogenization of the substratum etc.

Within six weeks to two months the organs are completely grown back. Medicinal benefits of AA as precursor of eicosanoids and major component of cell membrane phospholipids are well recognized. Other species can dig into bottom silt or sand until they are completely buried.

High-Value Bioactives and Therapeutics During the past three to four decades many efforts have been devoted to isolating numerous biologically active novel compounds from marine sources. Open in a separate window Source: Commercially processed dried sea cucumbers are rich source of crude protein in comparison to most of the seafoods so far in use.

They have only one gonad which is considered to be a very primitive characterisitic of the Echinoderms. The respiratory trees are two tree-like branches that reach far within the body cavity. Sea cucumbers contain an interesting combination of valuable amino acids; glycin being the major component ca.

Mouth of a Cucumaria miniatawith dendritic tentacles, for filtering the water. One or more little pouch Polian cysts are attached by slender chaffs to the pealing canal.The sea cucumber’s body is like a cucumber, but some look spiky and have lots of different colors and patterns on their skin.

Sea cucumbers live on the ocean sand, and they may hide under the ocean floor, if they want to. Sea Cucumber Essay Report SEA CUCUMBER The ubiquitous holothurian, or the sea cucumber, is an echinoderm, a species like sea urchins and starfish.

The sea cucumber has about 1, species worldwide. on near-shore sea cucumber harvest and improved governance of the resource have great potential to benefit coastal communities throughout the region.

In addition to sea ranching or enhancing/restocking wild stocks, sea cucumber culture can play a critical role in restoring resilient livelihoods among coastal aquaculture farmers.

Sea cucumbers breathe through branched respiratory tubes, or trees that go from the cloaca to the body cavity. The cloaca contract, forcing water into the respiratory.

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The water is emptied into the body cavity and mixes with body fluids and supplies the sea cucumber with oxygen. Sea cucumbers from class of Holothuroidea are a group of echinoderms that include about 1, known living species.

It is a unique creature due to the existence of endoskeleton or internal skeleton that consists of tiny ossicles or spicules, small particles of calcium carbonate embedded in the body. Sea Cucumbers Essay, Research Paper Sea Cucumis sativuss are ocular fasinating beings.

To the untrained oculus, one may inquire wheter the sea Cucumis sativus is works or animate being.

Sea Cucumbers Essay Research Paper Sea cucumbers

They are distinguished from the other Echinoderms by the deficiency of a skeleton that is made up of calcerous home bases fixed together.

Sea cucumber essay
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