Third conditional writing activities

Third Conditional Exercise

As the other students listen to each policy, they comment on the negative consequences of the policy by making second conditional statements. I didn't see Tony at the party. Just Imagine ESL Third Conditional Game - Writing and Speaking Activity - Intermediate - 30 minutes In this entertaining third conditional game, students complete conditional sentences about imaginary or unlikely situations in the past.

This continues until all the cards have been used. Compare your version with the subtitles! Students then take it in turns to ask their partner what they would do in each situation. If she asks more politely, I would have lent her a few pounds.

Each team then gives their answer and the famous person or character is revealed. Going Away ESL Second Conditional Activity - Reading, Writing and Speaking - Pre-intermediate - 35 minutes In this second conditional worksheet activity, students ask and answer questions about how they would spend their last day at home if they were going away for a year.

If you cool water below zero degrees, it freezes. Student A has three chances to guess each missing verb phrase. The teacher explains that the phrase on the board is hypothetical, which means it may or may not be real in the future.

What do you think might happen? Examples - type 3: Second conditional type 2 In the second conditional sentences we speculate about situations that will probably never happen at present or in future. I didn't know Kirsty was in town. The zero conditional type 0: Afterwards, students say what their classmates would do in the different situations.

For each question, read the situation and choose the best sentence using the third conditional. The students complete ten second conditional sentences on their worksheet by guessing what their partner would do in each situation. Second conditional exercises PDF I would take my umbrella if it rained.

Third Conditional - A Fun Task

I can't help you. If Student A guesses the exact words that Student B has in bold on their worksheet, Student A scores three points, writes the missing words in the gaps, and moves on to the next sentence. An unreal situation - I am not from your country. If we were on holiday, we would be lying on a beach now.

Unfortunately, he didn't meet her. Mixed conditionals In the mixed conditional sentences we can combine the second and third conditional.

Now in small groups, students create their own third conditional sentences from the story. Third conditional type 3 The third conditional sentences always refer to the past. It is not very probable that I will need your help.

She wasn't there and I wasn't sitting next to her. Their partner replies by making a second conditional sentence and the other student writes the answer on the worksheet.

Now, based on your short description and on the review, write for homework a review on the movie for a magazine.

An Easy Way to Teach Conditionals

But I didn't win anything. If we hadn't told him the way while he was preparing for his journey, he would get lost now. If I were rich, I wouldn't work. The students now work together as a class. Zero conditional type 0 The zero conditional describes situations that are always true.

Sometimes we must use either the first conditional or the second conditional to make it clear that the situation is real or unreal.We use the third conditional to say what would have happened in the past.

We have seen how the zero conditional, the first conditional and the second conditional are all used to talk about possibility and result in the present and future. The third conditional is what we use to talk about the past. Jul 28,  · Here you will find the movie segments, the lesson plans, printable worksheets with answer key for each activity, and the tips to develop your own grammar activities with the DVDs you have at home.

New activities are posted regularly. An Easy Way to Teach Conditionals. By Tanya Trusler on March 14, Grammar & Usage. Also called the third conditional. Maybe it would be good to tell students that it’s okay to use “was” in informal speaking and writing but stick to “were” in formal writing.

And yes, I agree that “If I was you” sounds wrong so should. Halloween Sentences (15 ratings) Share this worksheet Learn More. Before your third grader pulls on his costume, have him practice writing sentences that support a single topic.

Fun Activities For The Second Conditional

The topic of this worksheet? The fun of Halloween! Brush up on addition and subtraction with these math worksheets that will challenge your third grader.

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First, Second and Third Conditionals Game Truth be told is a game that encourages players to be creative. It’s similar to games like Dixit, Absolute Boulderdash and Pictionary which create a context for players to be interesting and entertaining.

Third conditional writing activities
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